Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Burden

Heart in turmoil; soul distressed
Tearstained eyes; the weighty press.
Burden of a cold, dead world
Wrenching heart; tears falling pearls.

Crushing weight I cannot bear
Life of ease no longer fair
and joyous, full of laughter.
Thousands today enter hereafter.

Naked, stripped before righteous Judge,
Left uncovered by crimson blood.
Death sentence, fire, eternity Hell.
Burden too great; spirit too frail.

But His burden is lighter
than weight gripped ever tighter.
"O Child, relinquish your grasp.
My sovereign knowledge is vast.

"Some will come; some will reject,
But all knees will bow at the end.
Your job now: to go and tell
that I am love and real is Hell.

"Sin is great; grace is greater;
Cross of shame, and Christ now victor.
Always trust and never fear.
A crown of life awaits you here."

Easy yoke and burden light
Ever with me through the night.
Burden of a cold, dead world
Rests on shoulders of sovereign LORD.

By Elsie Anne

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  1. Love this - I was just mulling over it during my lunch hour - thinking about unreached people and having to remind myself to throw my trust into Jesus. Romans is such a comfort when I feel burdened for the unreached in the world - especially those with a small chance of ever hearing the gospel. Not one person on earth will die without being accountable. Jesus will take care of them, and not lose ONE that the Father has given to him, but raise them up on the last day.