Saturday, January 21, 2012


God is faithful.

My second semester of college started up just two weeks ago, and in that short time the Lord has shown Himself faithful time and time again. I am constantly amazed by His goodness to me. I do not deserve it, and yet I must praise Him for it as He daily manifests that goodness in my life.

Over this past weekend I traveled on tour to several churches with my school chorale. The Lord blessed our concerts and we were able to encourage and edify many believers. Just before leaving, though, I had an anxiety attack as I anticipated spending four days with fifty people and not being able to get away by myself. I am the type of person who desperately needs times of reflection and quiet each day in order to function well. The Lord displayed His faithfulness by providing me with my own room in each of our host homes, three nights in a row.

I have also been struggling over the past semester with finding really good friends. Again, my personality is not conducive to being friends with everyone I meet. I like to focus on just a few friendships and really invest in those few people. Last semester was very difficult, and I had to be content with the Lord Jesus as my only near and dear friend. Around Thanksgiving I had finally come to the place where I could honestly say that I would be fine if the Lord did not choose to bring me into relationship with any other young ladies with whom I would grow very close. But just a week after returning to school I have met a wonderful young lady who just transfered in this semester. I am looking forward to getting to know her better, and encouraging her in the Lord.

Lord, may I learn to be content. May I not measure my satisfaction with You according to the blessings You pour out on me, but may You alone be my blessing and delight. What more could I ask for than to ask for You alone? To ask for material things, even when Your grace can and does supply them, is to mock the overwhelming gift You've given me in Yourself. No more do I need, and to ask for more is to dishonour You and to drag Your glory in the dust. Be my All. Be my LORD.

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