Saturday, December 31, 2011

Questions For the New Year

Have you ever written a letter to yourself?

I have, several times actually. I always seem to promptly and conveniently forget about them, and when they turn up months later I am either embarrassed or filled with conviction. Just yesterday another such notorious letter turned up. This one was of the convicting genre, and the fact that it made it's presence known the day before New Year's Eve was especially apropos. It was filled with questions for myself; some of which are questions that I think we all ought to ask ourselves in the New Year, 2012. Below is the self addressed letter in its entirety, written six months ago.

The race is set out before you. The question you must now ask yourself is not will you run, but how far are you willing to go? Will you go to God-forsaken countries with the light of Christ? Will you risk discomfort, danger, and even death? Will you deny yourself daily in order to live unto Christ? He cannot answer for you; you must decide for yourself. You must be willing to change, to give up things you love, and learn to love things you are given. May you be so filled with the love and knowledge of Christ that nothing easily distracts you. May His pure love overflow your heart, and spill into the hearts of others. He must increase, and everyday you must become less than you were the day before. Do not fear anonymity or vulnerability, for when you become invisible others can more clearly see the Lord, who rules in your heart. Live with reckless abandon; all for Jesus Christ and His glory.

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