Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Normal Are You?

Today I participated in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and gave up my voice to raise awareness for those who will never be able to speak. This is my third year of participation, but I have experienced a strange feeling this time around that I don't remember from previous years. As the day comes to a close I find myself relieved, looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can return to "normal" like everyone else. I can't say that I enjoyed being singled out by my friends at college, being asked questions, and having to slowly write my answers out on paper.

Yet I am struck by a thought - as a follower of Jesus Christ shouldn't I be different every day? Shouldn't I be singled out every time I walk down the street because the love and righteousness of Jesus is shining through me? Shouldn't people be stopping me and asking questions because they notice something different about me when they speak to me? Convicting questions as I look forward to being "normal" again tomorrow. Should I ever be able to consider myself as "normal" again? I have been bought by the blood of Christ, redeemed from a life of slavery, clothed in a righteousness not my own, shining with the glory of the risen Saviour living in me, and I think I can call myself "normal".

Lord, I pray that I would continue to be shocked by the change that has taken place in me, that I would live as though I have been changed, and that I would cause people to ask my why I am not "normal". Your life was not an ordinary one, and it is that extraordinary life that I want You to live through me. Capture my heart, turn it upside down and inside out, erase my normalcy and replace it with the incredible life of Jesus Christ that people cannot help but notice.

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