Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: A Journey of Grace

Twelve months ago 2010 dawned upon me, and the sight that it revealed was many times different than what this new year has illuminated. Dazed and confused, struggling to trust the Saviour despite a complete loss concerning what to do with the coming year. I was clinging to Him by a thread, and though I would find myself in that position many times throughout the course of twelve months looking back I see that His grace has only made me stronger.

It was the end of January, the end of school and a long summer loomed before me. I had to plan, or three months of freedom would be wasted. The path that I walked last summer was not a road I chose for myself. If I had had my way I would have chosen the comfort of a summer I had lived once before, a summer within the confines of my comfort zone. He had a different idea, and so after finishing school strongly I left my home for Africa, feeling weaker and more insufficient than I ever had before. "My grace is sufficient for you," He said, "Watch as I perfect my power in your weakness." Six weeks later the struggle was just as real, but so to was His perfecting love and power. I returned from Africa forever changed, ready and willing for the Lord to make whatever He wanted of me, even if it was wholly unexpected. He is already doing just that.

Upon return home another trial awaited me. I had expected my last year at home (before college) to be a laid back gap year, filled with the pleasures of ease. Instead I found myself plunged head long into a fifth year of highschool. After several weeks that too became an experience of grace and trust.

As 2011 dawned this morning I found myself in much the same position that I was a year ago, wondering where I would be a year from now. My summer is undecided, the beginning of school in the fall is undecided, but unlike twelve months ago I am not confused and frustrated. His grace has granted a refreshing sense of assurance, an assurance that His power can only be made perfect in this weakness.

May the Lord bless you all as you seek His face in 2011.

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