Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayer is Powerful!

Today is Halloween, and I have been praying almost constantly throughout the day. I and eight of my friends are holding a Halloween Prayer Vigil. One of us will be praying at any given point throughout today. We are interceding before the throne of God for everyone involved in the evils of today. If you would like to join us please do so. Just keep those who are lost in your thoughts and prayers today. I would like to offer up a public prayer here.

Dear Sovereign Father,
Today is the day when evil is celebrated all over the world. When everything that is opposite of you is praised and lifted up. I pray for all involved in the activities of this day. I pray for those who are actively rejecting you and willingly serving the Devil, I ask that you would open their eyes and convict them. Show them that they are truly in bondage, shine your light of love and truth into their hearts and lives today. May they flee from evil and escape to you. I pray also for those who participate in the fun activities of this day and yet are oblivious to it's intent and connotation. Open their eyes as well, may they hear the truth and entirely detach themselves from this day. May our prayers redeem this day, may more turn to you than away from you to evil. You are all sovereign God, you have the ultimate power to accomplish this. Show your power and majesty, reign in all your glory on this day. May the demons tremble as they have never trembled before! Lord, we honour you and glorify you. All the glory and honour, and credit for anything accomplished for you on this day goes straight to you. I love you Lord and am forever your Bond servant. Amen!

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